We ship all packages via UPS

✓ Monday - Friday : All shipping methods are available.

✓ There's no guarantee for ground shipping, it can be delayed 1 or 2 days by UPS schedules

✓ Saturday : Nextday and 2days shippings are available.(appointment is needed)

✓ Saturday, Sunday, Holidays - No shipping

✓ UPS don't deliver ground packages on Saturday or Sunday.

✓ UPS deliver packages on Saturday when customer choose "Nextday&Saturday" or "2days&Saturday".

✓ Express order for large quantity-order by the phone

Same Day Shipping Requirements:

✓ Before ordering, make a confirmation phone call

✓ All order steps need to finish before 1pm.PST

(Maximum 3 banners)

✓ There's no guarantee for ground shipping

Track shipment

✓ After we ship out your package, the tracking number will be emailed to you

Product turnaround

✓ Same day - Upon request

✓ 1 day - Regular processing time

✓ Turnaround starts after receiving design approval

UPS shipping day

213-742-1288 for step and repeat and backdrops Satisfaction and money back guarantee and SSL


Event step and repeat

Phone No